We Are in This Together

These unprecedented times are, understandably, bringing about uncertainty and concern. Even perhaps a new normal. They are also bringing a greater appreciation for the importance of outdoor living and a connection to our gardens. Many of you have written to let us know how much you miss visiting the Garden. It is with this in mind that we present #MyFairchild.

Leftover egg cartons or toilet paper rolls? Working from home with your kids and need to keep them busy? Looking for some downtime to just breathe?  We've got you covered!

#MyFairchild is an online resource for those seeking home horticulture knowledge, kids crafts and DIY educational videos, wellness tips, and activities, and so much more. Let’s Learn, Reconnect, and Grow Together!

How to Attract a Proper Pollinator

Let's dissect the magnificent flower of the Cannonball Tree for clues to what features a desirable pollinator is looking for.


It's time for an amazing story! The Amazing Lifecycle of a Butterfly!

For our junior Fairchild fans and adults too, it's Sunday Story Time. Pull up a pillow and enjoy another botanical adventure read by our very own Director of Education Amy Padolf.    


Growing Beyond Earth - Space Garden Challenge

Nasa launching Growing Beyond Earth - Space Garden Challenge with partners Fairchild Garden. Check out this video and commit to the mission!    


Fun Fact Friday! Butterflies Taste with Their Feet!

Did you know...that butterflies taste with their feet!

It's true!  Butterflies have taste receptors on their feet to help them find their favorite plants that contain proper foods.  They can taste it just by just standing on it.  If they determine that the plant is something their baby caterpillars can eat, they'll lay their eggs there.  But let's not get confused, butterflies still eat but unfurling and sucking nectar or the pollen of flowers with their proboscis (or elongated mouths)...and not with their feet!  

Enjoy this beautiful video captured in our butterfly conservatory, Wings of the Tropics.  


It's time for an awesome story...Plants that Feed Me!

For our junior Fairchild fans and adults too, it's Sunday Story Time. Pull up a pillow and enjoy a botanical adventure read by our very own Director of Education, Amy Padolf.


What's in Fairchild's container garden with Dr. Martin Motes

Curious to what Fairchild is going in their container gardens? Dr Motes share some of the garden's favorites and why they are great for you to give a try in your own gardens. Tomatoes, green onions, Chinese and Japanese Greens, spinach..all the makings for your amazing home grown salad. Yum!


Fun Fact Friday

Yay! It's Fun Fact Friday! Did you know...our founder Dr David Fairchild spent years traveling the world and brought back with him many exotic plants and varieties of established crops. Many of our favorite items in the grocery stores are because of him. Mangoes, nectarines, pistachios, dates, avocados and soybeans to name a few. Hey do you love the Cherry Blossom Trees in Washington D.C.? We do too and you guessed it, Dr Fairchild had a role in bringing those over as well. Hmmm maybe think of him next time you are enjoying a delicious piece of avocado toast.


Who Loves Pineapples?! 

We love pineapples! And lucky for us, they are simple to grow! Check out this video, grow some on your own and tag us at #myfairchild when you post on social media. We'd love to see your progress!



What is a herbarium?

Craft your very own pressed bookmark while our intern Johanna shares her favorites parts of a herbarium.


Sunday Story Time

It’s Sunday Story Time! Pull up a pillow and enjoy a botanical adventure read by our very own Director of Education Amy Padolf.


Fun Fact Friday

Did you know that butterflies can reach a top flight speed of 12 miles per hour!  Watch as we slow it down for our daily release.



Seeds that Fly!

Seeds that can fly? Relying on being carried away by the wind, these flying seeds can travel further than if they fell straight to the ground. This means the new seeds can spread out more and have a better chance to grow into a tree. And if you think that's cool, we'll show you how to make a flying rotocopter of your own to mimic its flight!


Not Just Another Pretty Flower

Not just another pretty flower, check out the science behind Fairchild's fragrant Plumerias.  Our PHD Candidate Nichole Tiernan shares her studies and travels with us in this week's edition of "I am a Scientist".



Sunday Story Time: The Seed is Sleepy

Pull up a pillow and enjoy a botanical adventure read by our very own Director of Education Amy Padoff. Who knew seeds could be so awesome!  Hope you enjoy!


Have You Ever Heard of Botanical Art? 

Embrace your inner artist and spend your Saturday creating beautiful botanical art by learning how to leaf press!


FUN FACT FRIDAY: Turning a Problem into an Opportunity!

For centuries, man has walked through fields of weeds and arrived home with burrs stuck to his clothing.

George de Mestral, a Swiss engineer, was on a hiking trip through the woods. He found burrs clinging to his pants and also to his dog's fur. 'What makes burrs so difficult to remove?' de Mestral wondered. When he returned home, de Mestral examined one under his microscope and ultimately invented a hook-and-loop fastener of his own.

It took eight years to experiment, develop, and perfect the invention, which consists of two strips of nylon fabric. One strip contains thousands of small hooks. The other strip contains small loops. When the two strips are pressed together, they form a strong bond…And that my friends is how our wonderful world of plants led to the invention of VELCRO, a clever combination of the French words velour ("velvet") and crochet ("hook")!!!

"I am a Scientist" with Martin Feather: Wings of the Tropics 

Meet the man who keeps our 2,500 butterflies happy and healthy each day at our amazing Wings of the Tropic exhibition. Follow a day in the life of Martin Feather in this week's edition of "I am a Scientist".  


Want to learn how to grow tomatoes at home? 

Let’s use everyday products including egg cartons, plastic soda bottles or even all those toilet paper rolls to grow tomatoes! Watch and learn from our scientists and teachers. And then... ...show us how you Fairchild from Home! #MyFairchild