Student Opportunities

High School Internships

Fairchild offers 6-week paid summer internships for Fairchild Challenge high school students interested in plant biology, ecology, conservation or horticulture. Interns will be given a unique opportunity to work with researchers in Fairchild's state-of-the-art laboratories and contribute to real-world botanical studies.

Our online application is now open! View flyer for more details. 

Undergraduate and Graduate Internships

We are currently seeking Environmental Education Interns for the 2019-2020 school year!
Responsibilities will include:

  • Assisting in leading the volunteer teams that teach the field trips for K-12th grade students
  • Learning and teaching program material
  • Assisting with daily set up, clean up, and program maintenance

Interns will report to the Education Department Field Studies Coordinator. Interns will chose a project area to help with program tracking, evaluation, or standards alignment. Candidates must be able to commit to at least one, but ideally two programs per week for fall and/or spring semester. Programs run from 9am-1pm. These are unpaid positions; however community service and/or credit hours are available.

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to Sara Zajic at

Other Internship Opportunities

Marketing interns handle a wide range of responsibilities surrounding the programs and platforms managed by Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden's Marketing Department. Interns gain hands-on marketing experience by helping plan, prepare and execute marketing events.

For Marketing Internship Opportunities, please contact

  1. Social Media Intern–  
    1. Assist with building content calendar based on strategy
    2. Assist with writing post content
    3. Assist with coordinating visuals
    4. Manage in Hootsuite and track analytics to make real time changes
    5. Boost posts
    6. Community management – respond to our followers
    7. Asking for 8-10 hour weekly commitment


  2. Photography and Videography Intern –
    1. Editing skills needed
    2. Present at events
    3. On-Going to fill content needs
    4. Must have personal editing equipment
    5. Photography: 1-2 hours weekly commitment with 1-2 hour commitment per event
    6. Vidiography: 4 hours weekly commitment with 12 hour commitment per event


  3. Reputation Management Intern –
    1. Responding to our customer reviews
    2. Flexible scheduling and work location
    3. 1-2 hour commitment per day


  4. Animation Intern –
    1. If you have interest in creating animations of Fairchild programs or info graphics, contact us nfor more information.
    2. Must have own animation software and personal equipment
    3. Flexible scheduling