A Recent Expedition to the Island of Tortue, Northern Haiti

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

In May of this year, a joint expedition representing botanical gardens of three different countries including Jardin Botanique des Cayes (William Cinea), Jardín Botánico Nacional de la República Dominicana (Brígido Peguero), and Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden (Brett Jestrow) went to explore the island of Tortue. The primary goal was to locate Tortuella (Rubiaceae), a monotypic genus neither seen nor collected since 1925. On this trip, we were able to locate the lost species, though not quite where we expected. As one of the lost genera of the Caribbean, this expedition was supported by Mohamed Bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund. Furthermore, this conservation project was administered and co-organized by FIU-Fairchild Faculty Javier Francisco-Ortega. Also during this field trip, team members found the palm, Pseudophoenix sargentii, a first report for the island.

William Cinea, Director of the Jardin Botanique des Cayes perfoming field work in Island of Tortue.