Biofuel Conference at Florida International University - Presentations by Fairchild Challenge Alumni

Monday, August 29, 2011

•  From Aug 2-6 Dr. Eric von Wettberg was at the Marconi Center on Tomales Bay, CA,  attending a meeting to discuss ongoing activities related to the collaborative research project examining salt tolerance in wild alfalfa, Medicago truncatula.  Dr. von Wettberg worked on several of the papers that will come from this project, made plans for the future, and enjoyed the best oysters he has ever had.

Agroecology Program at Florida International University in partnership with Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden’s Fairchild Challenge Programrecruited seven high school juniors and seniors and conducted a eight week workshop on emerging science in biofuels - renewable resources from non-crop plants and algae (see below June news). Students went through series of lectures on biofuels, visited research laboratories and research fields, and conducted experiments. This is the first time a workshop/short course module has been created and carried out successfully. Students made the final presentation on August 10, Wednesday between 9.30 am and 11.30 am in GC 243 at Florida International University.

This was possible by 2010 USDA NIFA Hispanic Serving Institutions Higher Education grant of the FIU Agroecology Program. The program was conducted by Mr. Andrew Jungman, a graduate rsearch assistant at the FIU Agroecology Program in the Earth and Environment Dept. For more info, they can contact Dr. Krish Jayachandran (, Dr. Mahadev Bhat (, Dr. Eric vonWettberg (