Fairchild - Gemini Botanical Garden Intern Joins CTPC

Monday, March 12, 2012

Starting in March, 2012, Santiago Arango Garces joined the CTPC as an
intern to work with Dr. Brett Jestrow in several projects pertinent to
organizing our unique collection of herbarium specimens from the
Caribbean Islands but with a major focus on the Bahamas Archipelago.
Santiago is working joint program between Fairchild and Gemini Botanical Garden and will be with us until August. A FIU alumnus who majored in
Environmental Studies, Santiago has a great interest in plant taxonomy,
conservation, horticulture, and environmental biology issues. His
internship will also involve working closely with the Marilyn Griffiths
of the Living Collection Department of Fairchild as we also aim to continue
accessioning herbarium specimens of Caribbean Islands which are grown in
the main garden.