Fairchild Scientists Join Faculty Colloquium Organized by the Latin American and Caribbean Center of FIU

Friday, March 16, 2012

On March 22nd the Latin American and Caribbean Center of FIU (LACC) organized its 5th Annual Affiliated Faculty Colloquium. This year’s colloquium was entitled: "Environment, Society and Public Policy in the Caribbean Region" and both the Executive Director of Fairchild, Dr. Carl Lewis and FIU-Fairchild faculty Dr. Javier Francisco-Ortega delivered lectures on "Building Community Participation in Caribbean Biodiversity Conservation" and "Plant Endemism in the Caribbean Islands", respectively. This activity had four additional speakers from the FIU departments of Earth and Environment; Economics; and History. LACC has been one of the main FIU sponsors of Fairchild, this FIU center has supported field work in the Caribbean for FIU-Fairchild graduate students and faculty. It has also sponsored the Fairchild education department and has supported the visit of Latin American botanists to Miami. This colloquium has set up the foundations to develop new educational enterprises with an interdisciplinary approach. Our gratitude to Prof. Ana Maria Bidegain (Program Director for Research of LACC) for organizing this colloquium.