High school students perfom plant anatomical research

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Four high school students from the Miami-Metro area (Laura Castellano, BioTECH; Tianyu Tang, Mimai Killian; Manny Santalla, School of Advanced Studies; Jed Warshaw, Ransom Everglades) are joining a six week paid research internship (June 19 through July 28) to conduct studies pertinent to leaf anatomy of tropical plants. Their research focuses on species of Plumeria and related members of the Apocynaceae and Caribbean endemics of the Myrtaceae. The students are being mentored by Fairchild graduate students Nichole Tiernan and Jonathan Flickinger, who are seeking their PhD degree at Florida International University. This initiative is being supported by two programs: the Botany in Action Fellowship from Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) and the Fairchild Challenge Summer Internship. Both Nichole and Jonathan were awarded by Botany in Action Fellowship program early this year. Images below.- Top: Laura Castellano (left) and Manny Santalla (right) performing research in the plant anatomy lab. Bottom: Left to right, Jed Warshaw, Laura Castellano, Manny Santalla, and Jonathan Flickinger collecting samples of Myrtaceae in the Bahamas Plot of the Garden.