Major Milestone Reached in the Archive: Plant Collection Books of David Fairchild Transcribed

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Archive Volunteers, Louise Bennett, Joe Dietrick, and Carol Dietrick have achieved a major milestone. All of the known 62 plant collection books of David Fairchild (1925-1948) have been fully transcribed. This is an an accomplishment that has taken almost five years to be completed because the pages of these books are carbon copies of the original entries, and often they are not easy to read. Interestingly, David Fairchild added notes to these documents sometimes years later. Scans of the actual collection books for The Bahamas and transcriotions of the 62 books can be found in this link on the Archive website. This project was coordinated by FIU-Fairchild faculty Javier Francisco-Ortega; and it  was initated and inspired by Nancy Korber.

Photos. Top: From right to left, J. Francisco-Ortega, C. Dietrick, J. Dietrick, and L. Bennett showing the plant collection books that were transcribed. Bottom: Cover of the earliest (1925) of the plant collection books.