Top Orchid Specialist is Festival Speaker

Friday, March 9, 2012

Orchid specialist Tom Mirenda.

Tom Mirenda, the Orchid Collection Specialist at the Smithsonian Institution for the last 10 years, will talk about orchid pollination at 1 p.m. Saturday at Fairchild's 10th International Orchid Festival

At the Smithsonian, Tom cares for and curates an extremely diverse collection of 10,000 orchid species and hybrids from all over the world. He develops and produces huge educational exhibits visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Mirenda trained originally as a marine biologist, but switched to plants and orchids in his late 20s while living in Hawaii. Since then he has worked with orchids at New York Botanical Garden, Brooklyn Botanic Garden and an extensive private collection at Greentree Estate in Long Island.

If you are an orchid lover, you will recognize him from the two columns he writes each months for Orchids magazine, the publication of the American Orchid Society.  He is passionate about orchid conservation and getting botanic gardens, orchid growers and scientists to work together to protect orchids and their habitats. So this year, as the American Orchid Society is relocating to Fairchild from Delray Beach, Tom will have a great message for us.

He promises to bring enthusiasm and wonderful images to his talk in the Corbin Education building. You won't want to miss him!