An Odyssey of Orchids awaits you at Fairchild

Our Simons Rainforest exhibit—the only outdoor tropical rainforest in the continental U.S.—harbors hundreds of orchids of all shapes, sizes, and colors and nearly all in bloom. We call this an Orchid Odyssey, because as you stroll the Rainforest, you will find orchids on trees, on the ground, and everywhere in between. It's a two-acre journey through an orchid paradise, and the more you look, the more you will see.

Be sure to look well off the path, as many orchids are placed atop rocks, fallen logs and streamside.


Did you know that Fairchild is the proud home of the American Orchid Society, and our display contains many plants from their collection? And, did you know that we are working to reintroduce one million native orchids in South Florida as part of our Million Orchid Project?

Bring a camera, and don't miss this treasure hunt of orchids—The Orchid Odyssey at Fairchild.

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