Peer-reviewed research articles published in 2016 - 2020

Fairchild's Science Program is a world-wide leader in tropical botany, conservation and horticulture. During 2016 - 2020 scientists and students associated to the Garden have been producing a large number of ground breaking, peer-reviewed scientific publications. They are listed below. * = Graduate student . ** = Undergraduate student. *** = BioTech High School student

Bramwell, D., Moura, M., Neto, A.I., Santos-Guerra, A., and Francisco-Ortega, J. 2019. William Trelease and the Macaronesian flora: an introduction to his trips, works and collections. Vieraea 46: 459-498. PDF


*Borrero, H., Álvarez, J.C., Oviedo Prieto, R., and Liu, H. 2018. Specialized herbivory on inflorescence stalks of Trichocentrum undulatum (Orchidaceae) by Melanagromyza sp. (Diptera: Agromyzidae) in Cuba. Lankesteriana 18: 189-192. PDF


*Borrero, H., Richards, M., Giardina, D.,  Álvarez, J.C., Oviedo Prieto, R., Coffey, E.E.D., and Liu, H. 2019. The shared natural heritage of Southern Florida and Cuba: Orchid conservation across borders. Hemisphere 28: 10-13. PDF

*Calonje, M., Meerow, A.W., Griffith, M.P., Salas-Leiva, D., Vovides, A.P., Coiro, M., and Francisco-Ortega, J. 2019. A time-calibrated species tree phylogeny of the New World cycad genus Zamia L. (Zamiaceae, Cycadales). International Journal of Plant Sciences 180: 286-314. PDF


Carvalho, J.A., L. Rico, A. Santos-Guerra, M.C. Duarte, M.M. Romeiras, and J. Francisco-Ortega. 2018. Echium nervosum, Boraginaceae. Curtis's Botanical Magazine 35: 63-73.


Chen, Y., H. Liu, and J. Heinen. 2019. Challenges in the conservation of an over-harvested plant species with high socioeconomic values. Sustainability 11, 4194. PDF

*Commock, T., P. Rose, K.N. Gandhi, K.S.E. Campbell, K.J. Wurdack, J. Francisco-Ortega, and B. Jestrow. 2017. Typification and nomenclature of five taxa endemic to Jamaica. Harvard Papers in Botany 22: 137-140. PDF.

*Commock, T., P. Rose,  K.S.E. Campbell, B. Jestrrow, and J. Francisco-Ortega 2018. Jamaica's endemic plant genera: Updates in research, taxonomic knowledge, phytogeography and conservation. Webbia 73: 245-266.

*Downing, J., *H. Borrero, and H. Liu. 2016. Differential impacts from an extreme cold spell on subtropical vs tropical specialist bees in southern Florida. Ecosphere 7: e01302. PDF

Downing, J., H. Liu, S. Shao, X. Wang, M. McCorming, R. Deng, and  J. Gao. 2017. Contrasting changes in biotic interactions of orchid populations subject to conservation introduction vs. conventional translocation in Tropical China. Biological Conservation 212: 29-38.

Duquesnel, J.A., J. Maschinski, R. McElderry, G.D. Gann, K. Bradley and E. Cowan. 2017. Sequential augmentation reveals life history and suitable conditions for colonization of the rare mahogany mistletoe in South Florida. Restoration Ecology 25: 516-523

*Flickinger, J.A. 2018. A new species of Eugenia (Myrtaceae) from the island of Anguilla. Harvard Papers in Botany 23: 213-216. PDF

*Fotinos, T.D., T. Clase, A. Veloz, F. Jimenez, M. P. Griffith, and E.J.B. Von Wettberg. 2016. A minimally invasive, automated procedure for DNA extraction from epidermal peels of succulent cacti (Cactaceae). Haseltonia 22: 46-47.

Francisco-Ortega, J., E. Santiago-Valentín, A. Santos-Guerra, A., L. Sánchez-Pinto, A. Concepción-Pérez, M.J. Hernández González, C. Gaviño de Franchy, A.M.Tarquis, and G. González. 2020. Domingo Bello y Espinosa en las Islas Canarias: La labor de un gran naturalista y humanista. Rincones del Atlántico 10: 98-119.

Francisco-Ortega, J., B. Jestrow, and M.P. Bray. 2019. Partnerships between botanic gardens and universities in a changing Caribbean world. Hemisphere 28: 6-9. PDF

Francisco-Ortega, J. and D.B. Bray. 2019. From the guest editors. Hemisphere 28: 4. PDF

Francisco-Ortega, J., J.J. Bacallado, K. Salvesen, B. Jestrow, E. Freid, and B.N. Manco 2018. Las Bahamas: Flora y fauna terrestres en el Trópico de Cáncer. Makaronesia 20: 72-135. PDF

Francisco-Ortega, J., Swan, M., Cinea, W., Beaussejour, N., Korber, N., Latham, J., and Jestrow, B. 2018. David Fairchild's plant hunting expeditions in Haiti. Huntia 17: 5-35. PDF

Francisco-Ortega, J., L. Brouillet, G. Hall, A. Santos-Guerra, P. Suárez-Martín, and L. Sánchez-Pinto. 2017. Brother Marie-Victorin in the Canary Islands in 1929. Webbia 72: 53-61.

Hu, G., K. J. Feeley, and M. Yu. 2016. Habitat fragmentation drives plant community assembly processes across life stages. PLoS One 11: e0159572. PDF

Idárraga, Á., Á. J. Duque-Montoya, and K. Feeley. 2016. Divergent drivers of tree community composition in lowland and highland forests of the northern tropical Andes, Colombia. Actualidades Biológicas 38: 145-156

Jestrow, B., B. Peguero, F. Jiménez, W. Cinea, M. Hass, A. Reeve, A.W. Meerow, A.P. Griffith, M. Maunder, and J. Francisco-Ortega. 2016. Genetic diversity and differentiation of the Critically Endangered Hispaniolan palm Coccothrinax jimenezii M.M. Mejía, and R.G. García based on novel SSR markers. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 66: 216-223.

Jestrow, B., B. Peguero, F. Jiménez, R. Verdecia, L. González-Oliva, C.E. Moya, W. Cinea, A.W. Meerow, A.P. Griffith, M. Maunder, and J. Francisco-Ortega. 2018. A conservation framework for the Critically Endangered endemic species of the Caribbean palm Coccothrinax. Oryx 52: 452-463.

Korber, N., J. M. Nassar, J. Mosely, B. Jestrow, C. Lewis, and J. Francisco-Ortega. 2016. The last plant hunting expedition of David Fairchild: Venezuela and Colombia (March–April 1948). Brittonia 68: 170–186 .

Liu, H. 2018. China has taken a major multi-lateral initiative this summer toward wild orchid conservation. Orchid Conservation 2: 3-5.

*Machovina, B. L., K. J. Feeley, and B. J. Machovina. 2016. UAV remote sensing of spatial variation in banana production. Crop and Pasture Science 67: 1281-1287

Maschinski, J., C. Walters, J. Possley, and D. Hazelton.  2018. Improving success of rare plant seed reintroductions: A case study of Dalea carthagenesis var. floridana, a rare legume with dormant seeds.  Restoration Ecology 26:636-641.

Maschinski, J., J. Possley, J. Lange, O. M. Monsegur Rivera, and K. D. Heineman.  2018. Evaluating seed-banking capacity and propagation of endangered Sierra Bermeja grasses: Aristida chaseae and Aristida portoricensis. Caribbean Naturalist Special Issue 2: 76-89.

*McElderry, R.M. 2016. Seasonal life history trade-offs in two leafwing butterflies: Delaying reproductive development increases life expectancy. Journal of Insect Physiology 87: 30-34.

Meerow, A.W., Salas-Leiva, D., *Calonje, M., Griffith M.P., Nakamura, K., Francisco-Ortega, J., Jiménez-Rodríguez, F., and Oberli, A. 2018. Contrasting demographic history and population structure of Zamia (Cycadales: Zamiaceae) on six islands of the Greater Antilles suggests a model for population diversification in the Caribbean clade of the genus. International Journal of Plant Sciences 179: 730-757.

Meerow, A.W., Salas-Leiva, D., Francisco-Ortega, J. Griffith, M.P., *Calonje, M., Stevenson, Wm., and Nakamura K. 2018. Phylogeography and conservation genetics of the Caribbean Zamia clade: an integrated systematic approach with SSRs and single copy nuclear genes. Memoirs of the New York Botanical Garden 117: 278-296.

Miller, J.S., P. P. Lowry II, J. Aronson, S. Blackmore, K. Havens, and J. Maschinski. 2016. Conserving biodiversity through ecological restoration: the potential contributions of botanical gardens and arboreta. Candollea 71: 91-98.

Molero, J., M.M. Romeiras, M.C. Duarte, A. Santos-Guerra, B. Jestrow, and J. Francisco-Ortega. 2018. Euphorbia tuckeyana. Euphorbiaceae. Curtis's Botanical Magazine 35: 166-189.

Moriuchi, K.S., M.L. Friesen, M.A. Cordeiro, M. Badri, W.T. Vu, B.J. Main, M.E. Aouani, S.V. Nuzhdin, S.Y. Strauss, and E.J.B. Von Wettberg. 2016. Salinity adaptation and the contribution of parental environmental effects in Medicago truncatula. PLOS One 11: e0150350. PDF

Motes, M. 2016. The genus Vanda (Orchidaceae: Aeridinae) in the Philippines: two new species and a key to the species in the archipelago. Lankesteriana 16: 335-343. PDF

Motes, M. L. M. Gardiner, and D. L. Roberts. 2016. The identity of spotted Vanda denisoniana. Orchid Review 124: 228-233. 

Murphy, V., T. Clase, R.A. Rodríguez-Peña, F. Jiménez-Rodríguez, B. Jestrow, C.E. Husby, and M.P. Griffith. 2016. Conservation horticulture for yarey palm and buccaner palm: substrate and sowing depth affect germination and early seedling growth. HortTechnology 26: 811-815. PDF

Korber, N., J.M. Nassar, J. Mosely, B. Jestrow, C. Lewis, and J. Francisco-Ortega. 2016. The last plant hunting expedition of David Fairchild: Venezuela and Colombia (March-April 1948). Brittonia 68: 170-186.

*Oleas NH, A.W. Meerow, and J. Francisco-Ortega J. 2016. Genetic structure of the threatened Phaedranassa schizantha Baker. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 182: 169-179.182: 169-179.

*Oleas NH, Feeley K, Fajardo J, Meerow AW, Gebelein J, and Francisco-Ortega J. 2019. Muddy boots beget wisdom: a cautionary tale for plant species distribution models. Diversity 11, 10. PDF

Perez, T.M., J.T. Stroud, and K.J. Feeley. 2016. ECOLOGY Thermal trouble in the tropics. Science 351: 1392-1393.

Possley, J., S. Hodges, E. Magnaghi, and J. Maschinski.  2016.  Distribution of Croton linearis in Miami-Dade County preserves with potential for supporting the federally endangered butterflies Strymon acis bartrami and Anaea troglodyte floridalis.  Natural Areas Journal 36: 81-87.

Prince, C.M., K.H. Quincy, S.F. Enloe, J. Possley, and J. Leary. 2019. Cut-stem treatments using germicides for burnmareed (Neyraudia reynaudiana) invasions in Pine Rocklands, South Florida, USA. Invasive Plant Science and Management 12: 236-241.

*Rehm, E. M. and J. J. Feeley. 2016. Seedling transplants reveal species-specific responses of high-elevation tropical treeline trees to climate change. Oecologia 181: 1233-1242.

Ren, H., H. Qin, Z. Ouyang, X. Wen, X. Liu, H. Liu et al. 2019. Progress of implementation of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation in (2011-2020) China. Biological Conservation 230: 169-178.

Rico, L., M.C. Duarte, M.M. Romeiras, A. Santos-Guerra, C. Nepi, and J. Francisco-Ortega. 2017. Joseph D. Hooker's 1939 Cape Verde collections. Curtis's Botanical Magazine 34: 146-168.

Romeiras, M.M., M.C. Duarte, J. Francisco-Ortega, L. Catarino, and P. Havik. 2018. Recovering plant data for Guinea-Bissau: Implications for biodiversity knowledge of West Africa. Diversity 10, 109. PDF


Rose, P.E., Campbell, K.S.St.E., Commock, T, Korber, N., Latham, J.M., Swan, M., Jestrow, B, and Francisco-Ortega, J. 2017. David Fairchild's expedition to Jamaica on board Utowana. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 144: 139-152.

Salas-Leiva, D.E., A.W. Meerow, *M. Calonje, J. Francisco-Ortega, M. Patrick Griffith, K. Nakamura, V. Sánchez, L. Knowles, and D. Knowles. 2017. Shifting quaternary migration patterns in the Bahamian archipelago: Evidence from the Zamia pumila complex at the northern limits of the Caribbean island biodiversity hotspot. American Journal of Botany 104: 757-771.

Salazar, A.J., J. Maschinski, J. Possley, and K.D. Heineman. 2018. Seed germination of 53 species from the globally imperiled pine rockland ecosystem of South Florida, US: effects of storage, phylogeny and life-history traits. Seed Science Research 28: 82-92.

Santiago-Valentín, E., **B.J. Francois, G. Hall, L. Brouillet, and J. Francisco-Ortega. 2016. Images Floristiques Portoricaines: El diario del viaje a Puerto Rico del Hermano Marie-Victorin, 1942. Revista del Jardín Botánico Nacional 37: 121-143. PDF

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*Tiernan, N.M., R. Oviedo, B. Jestrow, and J. Francisco-Ortega. 2020. Plumeria filifolia. Curtis’s Botanical Magazine 37: 47–90.

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Weakley, A.S., R.K. Schoonover McClelland, R.J. LeBlond, K.A. Bradley, J.F. Matthews, C. Anderson, A.R. Franck, and J. Lange.  Studies in the vascular flora of the southeastern United States: V. 2019. Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas 13: 107-129. PDF

*Weremijewicz, J., ***J.I. Almonte, ***V.S. Hilaire, ***F.D. Lopez, ***S.H. Lu, ***S.M. Marrero, ***C.M. Martinez, ***E.A. Zarate, ***A.K. Lam, ***S.A.N. Ferguson, ***N.Z. Petrakis, ***K.A. Peeples, ***E.D. Taylor, ***N.M. Leon, ***C.Valdes, M.Hass, A.B. Reeve, D.T. Palow, and *J.L. Downing. 2016. Microsatellite primers for two threatened orchids in Florida: Encyclia tampensis and Cyrtopodium punctatum (Orchidaceae). Applications in Plant Sciences 4: 1500095.

Wong, S. and H. Liu. 2019. Wild-orchid trade in a Chinese e-commerce market. Economic Botany 73: 357-374. 

Yang, F.S., A.H. Sun, J. Zhu, J.L. Downing, JL, and H. Liu. 2017. Impacts of host trees and sowing conditions on germination success and a simple ex situ approach to generate symbiotic seedlings of a rare epiphytic orchid endemic to Hainan Island, China. Botanical Review 83: 74-86.

Zona, S., K. Finch, T. Clase, and B. Jestrow. 2016. A synopsis of Salvia sect. Gardoquiiflorae (Lamiaceae), with a note on the origins of Caribbean Salvia species. Phytotaxa 255: 214-226.


Zona, S., M. Hass, M. Fickerova, S. Mardonovich, K. Sanderford, J. Francisco-Ortega, and B. Jestrow 2018. Mainland and island populations of Coccothrinax argentata (Arecaceae): revisiting a common garden experiment in its 18th year. Systematic Botany 43: 153-161.

Last updated: May 15, 2020